Monday, July 18, 2016

A bit about the person behind the blog

A few things about me -

  • A goal of mine is to attain a Biology Degree for no other reason than for myself
  • I love to read
  • Favorite romantic movie is The Notebook
  • Movies where things are being blown up are my favorite
  • Have a burning passion for horror movies
  • Seen as many horror movies in the theatre as I can
  • Hate clothes shopping
  • Makeup is my life
  • I am addicted to shopping for makeup
  • My Youtube subscriptions are made up of 98% makeup gurus
  • I once dreamed of an eye shadow palette that I could not afford for five nights straight. I eventually went back to get it and have felt nothing but happiness since then
  • Until recently, I had not watched TV for about two year
  • My new TV love is The Walking Dead
  • The Walking Dead is the only show I currently watch
  • Michonne from TWD is my bae
  • I would rather work out for the rest of my life than be on a diet
  • I was vegan, currently vegetarian but transitioning to a vegan diet
  • I love breakfast for dinner
  • I hate noise
  • I love candle light
  • I am passionate about the empowerment of girls
  • I used to run an online magazine to empower girls in my city
  • Site is now debunked but once I am finished school, I will reopen
  • I want to own my own business (through my girls website)
  • I am easily bored
  • My favorite time of day is early morning with sun shining on my face
  • I am not fond of nosey people
  • I am a classic introvert
  • I love the ideas of parties but clam up around a lot of people
  • Having children is not something I ever want. Ever
  • I hate romantic song and gestures - cringe worthy to me
  • I am forever single and prefer my life this way
  • I am a loud laugher
  • I like all white rooms with pops of loud color
  • Music blasting in my car is imperative but quiet in my house

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