Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Upgrading here I come

So, the last time we left off, I was lamenting my lack of success on first try entry to nursing school. My marks were simply not up to snuff. It is interesting because in my pre-health program, after first semester mid-terms, a significant amount of people dropped out. I remember looking around my class and realizing that a good chunk of people were not present. We were told by our professor that about 30% of students, indeed, dropped out after mid-term. We were advised that from here on out, things would get quicker and harder. And, she did not lie.

After a challenging first semester, we began second semester at a full on sprinting pace. We were told that we were the “survivors” as again, a good percentage of my classmates did not make the cut or chose to bow out. I thought semester one was tough, but semester two nearly ended me. At some points, I didn’t think I could do it. It was too much. Assignments due at the same time. Multiple tests, at least two on the same day, per week. Papers. Quizzes. Exams. On top of this, I worked at my both jobs. It was the longest four months of my life.

In May, I was finally released out of that torture after our final exams. At this point, I was physically and mentally exhausted. We were told numerous times that the program is set up to almost break us as the schooling and career of most health care workers is extremely challenging. They were preparing us. Upon getting my final marks, my heart both plummeted and rejoiced. My hard work had paid off but some marks were a bit off. I had applied for nursing schools in February so at this point, applicants had to wait until the summer to hear a yay or nay from admissions offices.

I waited and waited and then the responses started to come in. Although my marks were good enough, they were not enough to eliminate others who had worked harder and achieved A’s instead of B+’s (like myself). Saddened but not defeated, I immediately signed up for a class and started this past September. Unfortunately, this class finished too late and was not able to be accepted in time for January intake. So, here I was. No nursing school and no real full time job.

Fortunately, my work places kept me on and I still juggle them both at this current point. But what about my dream of nursing school? I actually took a few days to be angry about the whole situation. Then I got back on the horse and looked into my options. I could not afford (nor did I have the time) of repeating pre-health again. Another option was a PSW to RPN bridging program at a very good school in Toronto. My issue is that it is in Toronto. Traveling to this school in the dead of winter is not ideal. After flip-flopping and wondering what to do, I registered for adult school to upgrade my marks. I was elated to get into a class but it was not meant to be as the days and hours conflicted with my part time job. At this point, I was desperate and was angry a lot of the time. Nothing was working for me. Then I was advised to try another academic upgrading program. I wasted no time and signed up. In the course of a few hours, I had gone to orientation, completed 4 online and a paper test.

A few days later, I got a call from the school that I was accepted to the program. My weakest link is math and this will take the longest but I will also upgrade chemistry with this program also. My biology mark is amazing but I would like to increase my human anatomy mark. Why not go for all A’s at this point, right? So, here you have it. At this point, I am on the path of upgrading, 2nd time around. Not ideal but nursing school entrance marks are brutally hard to get into. A word of advise. Strive for A’s and nothing else if your goal is nursing.

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