Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Updating my updates

Last time I left off, I said I was going to upgrade some of my courses. Well, I am in the process of doing exactly that and it has been a busy time. Currently, I am upgrading my chemistry and math classes. I also threw biology in for good order sake. Although I have a pretty good mark in Bio, I am actually looking for excellent this time around.

How am I doing so far? Actually, not too bad. The material is the same but different, if that makes sense. Certain things I have already learned but there are other aspects that is absolutely foreign and new to me. This is actually really exciting and fun. I still dread math like the plague but I am getting through it and the same for chemistry. Biology is enjoyable and challenging at the same time.

The biggest hurtle to get over while taking these courses is getting the work done while working two jobs. I have to admit that I think this upgrading is easier than pre-health. To me, pre-health was faster, tougher and had way more volume of information presented. But, then again, pre-health was also for university bound students so, that is to be expected. These academic upgrading classes actually surprise me in some ways. Some things are much easier than my last go around but that is fine with me. I welcome the slightly slower pace. Slower pace, however, does not mean less work. 

Initially, the assignments were very easy to do and spaced out nicely. At this point, about 6 weeks in, not so much. There is a barrage of assignments, discussions, exams and tests thrown at us all at once but it is manageable. My best advise is to stay on top of things. As they come in, complete. I have been on top of everything aside from this week whereI have slacked due to some life issues. My goal is to complete two major assignments this evening so that I can get on top of the other things awaiting my attention.

Overall, I am truly enjoying this period of upgrading. The information is interesting. I am managing my time with work, school and life (no real life) much better than last year. How am I doing academically thus far? I have high A's in all courses and plan on keeping it that way.

As a side note, I started to follow the study note advise of Rachelp. Here is the link. I highly recommend this format for studying vast amounts of information. By employing this technique, I was able to pull off two A+'s on my last bio and chem tests.

I will update in the next few weeks as I have been incredibly busy. This semester finishes the end of March and the last semester (I am taking one course) is in April so hopefully I will have good news to report. As a side note, I have applied to the schools I would like to get in and mid marks will be submitted to them next week. Until next time, stay well.

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